NGC4147, added a paper to the bibliography

Cluster: NGC 4147
One paper added to the GGC database bibliography:

Stetson, Peter B.; Catelan, M.; Smith, Horace A.
“Homogeneous Photometry. V. The Globular Cluster NGC 4147”

“New BVRI broadband photometry and astrometry are presented for the globular cluster NGC 4147, based upon measurements derived from 524 ground-based CCD images mostly either donated by colleagues or retrieved from public archives. We have also reanalyzed five exposures of the cluster obtained with WFPC2 on the Hubble Space Telescope in the F439W and F555W (B and V) filters. We present calibrated color-magnitude and color-color diagrams (…)”


4 thoughts on “NGC4147, added a paper to the bibliography

  1. Marco

    …Grazie “m”! Sei assunto da SUBITO (beh la paga lo sai qual e’…) per (a) “scovare” articoli e link interessanti per gli ammassi, (b) segnalare inesattezze e problemi nel database e (c) se te la senti, aiutarmi a migliorare il codice HTLM/PHP/MySQL del sito…!!




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