Preprints: W. Miller, F. Schweizer


Globular Clusters in Dwarf Galaxies

Author: Bryan W. Miller (Gemini Observatory)

Recent work on globular cluster systems in dwarf galaxies outside the Local Group is reviewed. Recent large imaging surveys with the Hubble Space Telescope and follow-up spectroscopy with 8-m class telescopes now allow us to compare the properties of massive star clusters in a wide range of galaxy types and environments. This body of work provides important constraints for theories of galaxy and star cluster formation and evolution.

Globular Cluster Formation in Mergers
Author: Francois Schweizer (Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena)

Mergers of gas-rich galaxies lead to gravitationally driven increases in gas pressure that can trigger intense bursts of star and cluster formation. Although star formation itself is clustered, most newborn stellar aggregates are unbound associations and disperse. Gravitationally bound star clusters that survive for at least 10-20 internal crossing times (~20-40 Myr) are relatively rare and seem to contain


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