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PoW for Sept. 21 :: Omega Cen, WD kicks…

Hello, welcome to the third issue of “Paper of the week”,covering publications and preprint
related to the world of Galactic Globular Clusters. This week I managed to find only a few preprints related to GGCs, and as you can see, it is Omega Centaury that continues to attract mostly the attenction of astronomers…

As always, any feedback on PoW will be much appreciated 😉


== General ==

§ “RR Lyrae stars in Galactic globular clusters. VI. The Period-Amplitude relation”
Authors: G. Bono, F. Caputo, M. Di Criscienzo

§ Constraining white-dwarf kicks in globular clusters : II. Observational Significance
Authors: Jeremy S. Heyl

== Omega Centauri ==

§ “A spectral atlas of post-main-sequence stars in omega Centauri:
kinematics, evolution, enrichment and interstellar medium”
(Revised version)
Authors: Jacco Th. van Loon, Floor van Leeuwen, Barry Smalley, Andrew W. Smith, Nicola A. Lyons,
Iain McDonald, Martha L. Boyer

§ “The Hottest Horizontal-Branch Stars in omega Centauri –
Late Hot Flasher vs. Helium Enrichment”
Authors: S. Moehler, S. Dreizler, T. Lanz, G. Bono, A.V. Sweigar, A. Calamida, M.Monelli, M. Nonino

* A “quick list” of PoW papers is also available at http://del.icio.us/mcastel/pow (under construction)