Daily Archives: October 30, 2007

A call for testers… ;)

Hello !

First, apologize for the “missing” issues of my litte “Paper of the week” editions, I’ll restore it as soon as possible. My main effort on this project in these days is on the new databases for Gclusters website, since the existing structure for tables needed to be revised, in order to improve the presentations of data, perform better queries and so on..

At the moment writing, I am testing some simple new pages for presentations of bibliography of the main database: in this respect, it would be really useful if I could have a list of people willing to spend some minutes of their spare time in testing the pages, looking for the consistence of results and reporting to me “oddities” and anything “irregular” in layout and/or data. For this “job”, no experience of web or programming is required. If you’re interested, please leave a comment or write directly to me (m.castellani -at- gmail.com), so that I can add you to a little “beta-tester” mailing list (needless to say you can be removed anytime!)

Thanks you in advance ūüėČ