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Gclusters: new “Paola” release


the new release of the GGCs-DB (or “Gclusters”), codename “Paola” is now online at the address:

The short address also can be used:

Please feel free to test it! I’ll just want to add just a couple of notes:

  • right now, you cannot notice great differences in this new version, since the major modifications are “under the carpet”, as in the test release, and are related to a reorganization of MySQL databases, which may enable a lot of interesting things (such as the introduction of “tags” on bibliographics items).
  • the old version will still be online for the moment: if not else, for two (good) reasons…
    • other sites (SEDS for example) point to this version, and I do not want to “breack” their links.. I’ll add an automatic redirection before closing the old website
    • there are still some bugs in the new version… speacking about this, I’ll encourage interested people in testing the “Paola” release and send me feedbacks. Thanks in advance! 😉

With kind regards,

Marco Castellani

GGCs-DB: a progress report

“Galactic Globular Clusters Database: a progress report”

Authors: M. Castellani

Abstract: The present status of Galactic Globular Clusters Database is briefly reviewed. The features implemented at the time writing are described, as well as plans for future improvements.

Comments: 3 pages, proceedings of “XXI Century challenges for stellar evolution” (Cefalu’, Italy), eds. S. Cassisi and M. Salaris, to be published in MemSAIt, 79, 2. See this http URL for a PDF version with encapsulated figures


(Update: PDF is now also available at

A comment by the author: this is the first publication related to the globular clusters database! Please feel free to report me any feedback or comment you may have 😉

Gclusters beta website

Hello! Just a line, to let you know that I’m arranged a BETA website for experimenting on Gclusters without affecting the main website. The address of this site is . Feel free to browse the pages of this beta and let me know, in case, if you find inconsistencies or problems in pages layout: any new feature will be tested in the beta site before entering the main website.

Please note also that – at the moment writing – the main differences are “under the carpet”, since they are related to a rearrange of MySQL tables that store the different data…

Any feedback will be appreciated! 😉