Some small steps…

Hi all,

just a brief update to keep you informed on the recent modification in the project. One change is about bibliographics items in the database: after some reflection, I have decided to keep well divided the two category of preprints and of published papers. As a consequence, from now on, preprints will not be inserted in the main database of the project. This is in order to build an homogeneous repository of published papers, not a unorganized collection of a mix of preprints and articles.

Preprints willl be added in a separate page – that can be followed by anyone interested in latest works on globular clusters – which should be (possibly) kept updated: the page itself is a “tumblelog” that you can reach at Latest preprints are visible also in the Gclusters main page (short address, thanks to the related RSS feed.

For the rest, I am still working in the direction described in the previous post, with the further addiction that also parameters NOT listed by Harris will have a place, in a future release of Gclusters. As always, feedback and suggestion are welcomed anytime! 🙂

With kind regards,


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