Monthly Archives: March 2008

New mirror for Globular Clusters Database

Hello, I just completed the  set up a new mirror for gclusters; you can reach it at the following address:

From now on, the mirror should be kept synchronized with the main website. Please feel free to browse the new mirror, and report any problem you may find in using it ūüėČ

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Links to Google Sky

Hi all,

hope you had a nice Easter! ūüėČ

Maybe you have noticed the Google has opened a new service called Google Sky; detailed info on that project can be found in their About Google Sky page. For our purpouse, this service is interesing in what it allows you to see the images of great part of globular clusters, as well as to “move around” to (virtually) explore the enviroment around them.

I have started to add to the clusters’ data the link to the corresponding object seen in Google Sky: you may find the links in the right part of the page, in “Other Resources” section (see e.g. M13 page).Note that not all clusters have already the link, at the moment writing.