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PoW for Oct. 12 :: M3, NGC6752, binaries…

Hello, welcome to another issue of “Papers of the Week”,
covering publications and preprint related to the world of (Galactic) Globular Clusters!

The Gclusters database is under “heavy” developement at the time writing, so the bibliography is NOT updated in the database, but only in this blog,  for the moment. In a short time I should reach a working new configuration (meanwhile…,if you’re experienced with PHP/Mysql and have some spare time.. well, let me know!)

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§ Modeling of RR Lyrae light curves: the case of M3
Authors: M. Marconi and S. Degl’Innocenti

§ Spectroscopy of horizontal branch stars in NGC 6752
Authors: C. Moni et al.

§  White dwarf atmosphere models with Ly-alpha opacity in the analysis of the white dwarf cooling sequence of NGC 6397
Author: P. M. Kowalski

§ Globular Star Clusters in Sombrero Galaxy
Authors: Chandar, Fall, & McLaughlin

§ Integrated properties of mass segregated star clusters
Authors: E. Gaburov, M. Gieles

§ Observational evidence for the origin of X-ray sources in globular clusters
Authors: Frank Verbunt, Dave Pooley, Cees Bassa

§ Sizes of Confirmed Globular Clusters in NGC 5128: A Wide-Field High-Resolution Study
Authors: M. Gomez, K.A. Woodley

§ Binaries and the dynamical mass of star clusters
M.B.N. Kouwenhoven, R. de Grijs

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FSR 584: Another new nearby globular cluster candidate

Bica have announced another nearby globular cluster candidate in the Milky Way:

Author: E. Bica, C. Bonatto, S. Ortolani, B. Barbuy
Title: FSR584 – a new globular cluster in the Galaxy?
Comments: Astronomy and Astrophysics, accepted. 6 pages and 6 figures

Abstract: We investigate the nature of the recently catalogued star cluster candidate FSR584, which is projected in the direction of the molecular cloud W3 and may be the nearest globular cluster to the Sun. 2MASS CMDs, the stellar radial density profile, and proper motions are employed to derive fundamental and structural parameters. The CMD morphology and the radial density profile show that FSR584 is an old star cluster. With proper motions, the properties of FSR584 are consistent with a metal-poor globular cluster with a well-defined turnoff and evidence of a blue horizontal-branch. FSR584 might be a Palomar-like halo globular cluster that is moving towards the Galactic plane. The distance from the Sun is approx 1.4kpc, and it is located at approx 1kpc outside the Solar circle. The radial density profile is characterized by a core radius of rc=0.3+/-0.1 pc. However, we cannot exclude the possibility of an old open cluster. Near-infrared photometry coupled to proper motions support the scenario where FSR584 is a new globular cluster in the Galaxy. The absorption is A_V=9.2+/-0.6$, which makes it a limiting object in the optical and explains why it has so far been overlooked

This one is apparently projected over starforming region W3, and at a distance of only 1.4 kpc (4,600 ly). It would probably even beat the recently discovered record holder, FSR 1767. However, as of this time, the authors cannot exclude that this may be an old open cluster.

A preliminary webpage for this probable globular has been created at

Multi-color photometry of M 75…

NGC 6864 (M 75) :: new paper

Kravtsov, V.; Alcaíno, G.; Marconi, G.; Alvarado, F.

“Multi-color photometry of the Galactic globular cluster M 75 = NGC 6864. A new sensitive metallicity indicator and the position of the horizontal branch in UV””

We carry out and analyze new multi-color photometry of the Galactic globular cluster (GC) M 75 in $\it UBVI$ and focus on the brighter sequences of the color-magnitude diagram (CMD), with particular emphasis on their location in U-based CMD. Specifically, we study the level both of the horizontal (HB) and red giant branches (RGB) relative to the main-sequence turnoff (TO) in the U magnitude...

Published on: Astronomy and Astrophysics Vol. 469 No. 2 (July II 2007)

ADS link:…469..529K

On the self-enrichment scenario of galactic globular clusters: constraints on the IMF

New paper:

Astronomy and Astrophysics Volume 458 – 1
(October IV 2006)

N. Prantzos and C. Charbonnel
On the self-enrichment scenario of galactic globular clusters: constraints on the IMF
A&A 458 (2006) 135-149 (Section ‘Galactic structure, stellar clusters, and populations’ )


Astronomy and Astrophysics Volume 458 – 1 (October IV 2006) is available on line.