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PoW for Sept. 28 :: FSR584, abundances, compact objects…

Hello, welcome to another issue of “Papers of the Week”, covering publications and preprint related to the world of Galactic Globular Clusters!

This issue features the entry (as a preprint on astro-ph) of the discover of *another* globular clusters in our Galaxy, FSR584 (see the paper by Bica et al.), as well as a good amount of publications on abundances, variability and compatc objects.

As always, any feedback on PoW will be much appreciated 😉


== General ==

§ Origin of the abundance patterns in Galactic globular clusters: constraints on dynamical and chemical properties of globular clusters
Authors: T. Decressin, C. Charbonnel, G. Meynet

§ Compact objects in globular clusters
Authors: Thomas J. Maccarone, Christian Knigge (University of Southampton)

§ Formation of the Galactic globular clusters with He-rich stars in low-mass halos virialized at high redshift
Authors: K. Bekki, H. Yahagi, M. Nagashima, D. A. Forbes

== Individual ==

§ On the Radial Distribution of White Dwarfs in the Globular Cluster NGC 6397
Authors: D. S. Davis (UBC), H. B. Richer (UBC), I. R. King (UWash), J. Anderson (Rice), J. Coffey (UBC), G. G. Fahlman (HIA/NRC), J. Hurley (Swinburne), J. S. Kalirai (UCSC)

§ The ACS Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters. III. The Double Subgiant Branch of NGC 1851
Authors: A. P. Milone, L. R. Bedin, G. Piotto, J. Anderson, I. R. King, A. Sarajedini, A. Dotter, B. Chaboyer, A. Marin-Franch, S. Majewski, A. Aparicio, M. Hempel, N. E. Q. Paust, I. N. Reid, A. Rosenberg, M. Siegel

§ Abundances on the Main Sequence of Omega Centauri
Laura M. Stanford , G. S. Da Costa , and John E. Norris

§ FSR584 – a new globular cluster in the Galaxy?
Authors: E. Bica, C. Bonatto, S. Ortolani, B. Barbuy

§ The chemical abundance of the very metal-rich old open clusters NGC 6253 and NGC 6791
E. Carretta, A. Bragaglia, and R. G. Gratton

== Extragalactic ==

§ The Globular Cluster System of M60 (NGC 4649). I. CFHT MOS Spectroscopy and Database
Authors: Myung Gyoon Lee, Ho Seong Hwang, Hong Soo Park, Jang-Hyun Park , Sang Chul Kim, Young-Jong Sohn, Sang-Gak Lee, Soo-Chang Rey, Young-Wook Lee, Ho-Il Kim


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