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GGCs-DB: a progress report

“Galactic Globular Clusters Database: a progress report”

Authors: M. Castellani

Abstract: The present status of Galactic Globular Clusters Database is briefly reviewed. The features implemented at the time writing are described, as well as plans for future improvements.

Comments: 3 pages, proceedings of “XXI Century challenges for stellar evolution” (Cefalu’, Italy), eds. S. Cassisi and M. Salaris, to be published in MemSAIt, 79, 2. See this http URL for a PDF version with encapsulated figures

URL: http://arxiv.org/abs/0711.2932

(Update: PDF is now also available at scribd.com)

A comment by the author: this is the first publication related to the globular clusters database! Please feel free to report me any feedback or comment you may have 😉


PoW for Oct. 5 :: GCs in NGC5866, Horizontal Branches…

Hello, welcome to another issue of “Papers of the Week”, covering publications and preprint related to the world of (mostly) Galactic Globular Clusters.

Topics of this issue, range from extragalactic systems (NGC 5866) to expected planets in GCs, including also a bit of (extreme!) Horizontal Branches stars… Happy reading ! 😉



§ N-body simulations of star clusters
Authors: Peter Anders, Henny J.G.L.M. Lamers, Holger Baumgardt

§ Expected planets in globular clusters
Authors: Noam Soker, Alon Hershenhorn

§ The presence of intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters and their connection with extreme horizontal branch stars
Author: P. Miocchi

§ The Globular Cluster System in NGC 5866: Optical Observations from Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys
Authors: Michele Cantiello, John P. Blakeslee and Gabriella Raimondo

§ A Search for EHB Pulsators in the Globular Cluster NGC 6752
Authors: M. Catelan et al.

§ The Spatial Distributions of Red and Blue Globular Clusters in Major Dry Merger Remnants
Authors: Min-Su Shin, Daisuke Kawata

§ Multiple stellar populations in Globular Clusters: collection of information from the Horizontal Branch
Authors: F. D’Antona, V. Caloi