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Recent papers & FF room

Hello, just a couple of news related to Galactic Globular Clusters Database. I just realized it’s better to have at least an update for month, in order not to forget completely this blog (and to let you know that the work on gclusters is going on), so here we are :

Most recent papers inserted in the database:

(some parameter of the M5 Neutron Stars will be soon made available in the web page of the GGCs database, as a test for the revised more flexible structure of the project.. stay tuned!)

(Recent preprints are always separately collected at http://gclusters.tumblr.com/ )

Friendfeed room: there is an “experimental” friendfeed room at http://friendfeed.com/rooms/gclusters. In this website you can post links and short comments on everything related to galactic globular clusters, as well as to discuss existing entries. Preprints and blog articles are also mapped in this “room”. Feel free to experiment and let me know if it is useful!

Wishing you a good summer¬† ūüėČ