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Gclusters: new “Paola” release


the new release of the GGCs-DB (or “Gclusters”), codename “Paola” is now online at the address:


The short address also can be used:


Please feel free to test it! I’ll just want to add just a couple of notes:

  • right now, you cannot notice great differences in this new version, since the major modifications are “under the carpet”, as in the test release, and are related to a reorganization of MySQL databases, which may enable a lot of interesting things (such as the introduction of “tags” on bibliographics items).
  • the old version will still be online for the moment: if not else, for two (good) reasons…
    • other sites (SEDS for example) point to this version, and I do not want to “breack” their links.. I’ll add an automatic redirection before closing the old website
    • there are still some bugs in the new version… speacking about this, I’ll encourage interested people in testing the “Paola” release and send me feedbacks. Thanks in advance! ūüėČ

With kind regards,

Marco Castellani