VOGCLUSTERS, Data Mining WebApp on GCs

Dear friend, just  a line to let you know that our upcoming  web application on Globular  Clusters (codename VOGCLUSTERS) is moving towards its first release.

Our Logo


“The goal of the project VOGCLUSTERS is the design and development of a web application specialized in the data and text mining activities for astronomical archives related to globular clusters. Main services are employed for the simple and quick navigation in the archives (uniformed under VO standards and constraints) and their manipulation to correlate and integrate internal scientific information. The project has not to be intended as a straightforward website for the globular clusters, but as a web application…”


We are on private testing, and hope to open the first web app to the general public as soon as possible. Check the quoted webpage for more info and to know when will be avaliable (if you want to be notified, leave a comment to this post)

Stay tuned 😉

Kind regards,

Marco C.


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