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GGCs-DB: a progress report

“Galactic Globular Clusters Database: a progress report”

Authors: M. Castellani

Abstract: The present status of Galactic Globular Clusters Database is briefly reviewed. The features implemented at the time writing are described, as well as plans for future improvements.

Comments: 3 pages, proceedings of “XXI Century challenges for stellar evolution” (Cefalu’, Italy), eds. S. Cassisi and M. Salaris, to be published in MemSAIt, 79, 2. See this http URL for a PDF version with encapsulated figures

URL: http://arxiv.org/abs/0711.2932

(Update: PDF is now also available at scribd.com)

A comment by the author: this is the first publication related to the globular clusters database! Please feel free to report me any feedback or comment you may have ūüėČ