About this website

Welcome to the “Globular Clusters Blog”.

The aim of this blog is to track any relevant information regarding galactic globular clusters (publications, preprints, news on the media, etc…). I hope that this service can be useful for researchers working on this field, as well as for a wider audience of non-tecnichal people, simply interested in these topics. This website is intended as a complement of the “Galactic Globular Clusters Database” (GGC-DB) which can be reached at:


It is also available a “feed” for this blog (just click on the image below)

This website is absolutely open to any person willing to contribute (with posts, suggestions, etc…) !

You are also encouraged to take advantage of our Facebook page and our message board.

For any info, feel free to contact me at

m.castellani @ mporzio.astro.it
Marco Castellani

Rome Astronomical Observatory (Italy)


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