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Preprints on AL3, NGC6541, NGC6293

For all globular clusters fans…Two interesting papers on astro-ph today!

S. Ortolani, E. Bica, B. Barbuy

“AL 3 (BH 261): a new globular cluster in the Galaxy”

AL~3 (BH 261), previously classified as a faint open cluster candidate, is shown to be a new globular cluster in the Milky Way, by means of B, V and I Color-Magnitude Diagrams. The main feature of AL~3 is a prominent blue extended Horizontal Branch. Its Color-Magnitude Diagrams match those of the intermediate metallicity cluster M~5. The cluster is projected in a rich bulge field, also contaminated by the disk main sequence. (…) AL~3 is probably one of the least massive globular clusters of the Galaxy.

Jae-Woo Lee, Bruce W. Carney
“VI Photometry of Globular Clusters NGC6293 and NGC6541: The Formation of the Metal-Poor Inner Halo Globular Clusters”

We present VI photometry of the metal-poor inner halo globular clusters NGC6293 and NGC6541 using the planetary camera of the WFPC2 on board HST (…) The most notable result of our study is that the inner halo clusters NGC6293 and NGC6541 essentially have the same ages as M92, confirming the previous result from the HST NIC3 observations of NGC6287.