Monthly Archives: November 2016

Introducing gclusters LAB

Great news, folks! A development of a more modern infrastructure for our website is just started. At the moment is still fully experimental, and it host  only a small number of feature of this galactic globular clusters database.

This website is reachable at


Work is in progress to move (eventually) all our pages inside the new portal (which is powered by Drupal CMS), which has already a forum and a blog (which will probably go to substitute the present solution).

Also, we plan to host a wider quantity of information concerning globular and open clusters (such as meetings, preprints, etc…). Moreover, a real system of user management is already implemented, in order to make this effort as collaborative as possible (you can already make your own account).

Please feel free to play a bit with our new pages, and report us any comment or suggestion you may have. Thanks a lot! 😉